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Car Wraps For Your Business

Car Wraps Should Be Designed & Installed By Professionals.  We help you find the right installers in your area and make sure they are qualified to do the job right. 

"Getting Our Company Car Wrapped Has Helped Our Brand Awareness"

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Create Brand Awareness

Get A Vinyl Car Wrap That
Stands Out On The Road

Custom Designs

Get A Custom Car Wrap Designed
For Your Company Vehicle

Professional Installation

Using A Professional To Install Your Car Wrap Is Imperative 

We know the best in the business, trust us to find you the right car wrap installers.


When a company is looking to get a car wrap for their vehicle, Sticker Geek knows how important it is to find the right company to design and install the vinyl on the car.   There are many shops across the USA that do not use the right type of vinyl nor do they know how to install properly.  We have been in the business of wrapping cars for several years and we know what to look for in a good car wrapping company.    By requesting an appointment with Sticker Geek we can find the right companies around the USA for your company to work with when it comes to getting digital graphics put on your car.  

benefits Of Vinyl Car Wraps

Benefits Of Vinyl Car Wraps

Mobile Billboards Make Quite An Impression

Did you know Americans report spending an average of 15 hours per week in a car, either as a driver or passenger, and perceive traffic is getting worse? Commute times, from the recent census, have Increased 14%.  The Average Billboard cost $3500 per month for 1 billboard and usually requires a 6-month minimum.  With our Mobile Billboard campaign, you can have 4 Mobile Billboards roaming the highways and roads making your brand stick into every driver's mind.

98% of In-car audiences indicated they noticed truck-side ads.
-American Trucking Association

97% ls the recall rate on mobile advertising.
-Outdoor Advertising Magazine TACA's market research July/August

96% of respondents say mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising. 
-Outdoor Advertising Magazine TACA 's market research July/August

Mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard.

Individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 to 70,000 daily vehicle impressions.
-Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc.

91 % of target audiences notice both graphics and text.
-American Trucking Association and 3M